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Reforestation Project

“When one plants a tree they plant themselves, every root is an anchor, over which one rests with grateful interest, and becomes sufficiently calm to feel the joy of living”

—John Muir

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About One Tree Planted


At One Tree Planted, our mission is simple: to make it easy for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.



We are flipping the script of doom and gloom often associated with environmental action, and starting a movement change-makers focused on positivity and hope. All by planting trees! 



The core values that drive both our internal momentum and outward actions are SIMPLICITY, INNOVATION, and EXPERIENCE

Healing our Planet, While Healing our Minds

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every hypnosis session completed.


1 Hypnosis Session


1 Tree Planted


Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. We’re honored to have reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model.

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