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Fitness Ladies

A program dedicated to your mind & body

Experience a deeply transformational journey working alongside two professional wellness coaches to aid you in achieving your ultimate long term goal:

To Feel Healthy

Clarissa is a Clinical Hypnotist who has worked with many clients to overcome their mental blocks that prevent them from living their healthiest life. 

Jen is a Holistic Health Coach who provides her clients with knowledge and routines to aid in transforming their body through nutrition and exercise. 

These two powerful wellness coaches are joining forces to bring about a complete body & mind transformation.

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I am so grateful to Clarissa for all her help! Each session she was able to create a safe and comfortable environment (even over zoom) where I was able to let go and feel seen. She has a true gift for healing! I highly, highly recommend her sessions.
- Kim N.
Weight Loss Client

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About Your Team


Clarissa Smith

-Clinical Consulting Hypnotist 
-Heart Math Interventions Practitioner 
-Mental Health Coach
-Reiki 1 & 2 Certified 
-Owner, Simcoe Hypnosis & Wellness Center


- Holistic Health Coach
- CanFit Certified Personal Trainer
- Barefoot Training Specialist
- Founder & CEO of Hylif 

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 10.41.48 AM.png
Image by Scott Webb

Jen provided me with the tools and strategies I needed to get me on the right path. I have lost 40lbs, I’m physically and emotionally stronger, I sleep well and I surround myself with so much gratitude and positivity.


- Marie

It's time to master your health and begin 
Living Your Best Life

Weight loss does not need to be stressful, exhausting, or feel like a burden. It can be easy and enjoyable when it is approached the right way. In our experience, the biggest reason that people don't stick with their health goals is because their negative feelings outweigh the positive change they want to make. 

Mindset will make or break your ability to lose weight, find health and keep it off for the long run. When we shift our mindset around and find joy in the process of getting healthy, we all of a sudden notice that what we are forming is a lifestyle, rather than getting stuck in the latest diet trend that can feel like a burden. 

In this program, you will learn to shift your mindset into the positive, get excited about your health, and find transformation in your body & mind. 

To bring about these big changes, this program will include: 

12 Weekly hypnosis sessions 

Personalized hypnosis recordings

12 Weekly health & exercise check-ins 

Meal planning suggestions 

Exercise support 

and so much more!

As Clarissa works with your mindset, and Jen assists with your healthy habits, you will find yourself transforming into a healthier person before you know it. 

We are so blessed to have you, and cannot wait to see how you grow through this journey together 


Ready to transform?

Program Details & Payment Plans

Program Length: 12 Weeks 


○ 12 Weekly Hypnosis sessions with Clarissa

○ Personalized Recordings of each hypnosis session 

○ 30 Minute Weekly Accountability Check-Ins with Jen

○ Membership Site Access

○ Access to Personal Training App (Trainerize)

○ Personalized Progressive Workout Program - Updated Every 4-6 Weeks

○ Progressive Nutrition Protocol with Custom Macros - Adjusted as Needed

○ Daily Accountability Messaging - as Needed

○ Access to private Facebook Community

Energy Exchange

3 equal monthly payments of

$1333 tax included

Would you prefer to skip the

payment plan? 

Take $300 off the package rate!

Interested in learning more about Hypnosis, and how this helps create huge transformation in a short period of time? 

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