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A Tranformational Journey
Step into your Power

Experience a deeply transformational journey being fully immersed in nature, exploring and healing your inner world so you can step into your empowered self. Using the soothing and healing powers of hypnosis, movement, and sharing space with a herd of gentle horses, Clinical Hypnotherapist Clarissa Smith, and Wellness Expert, Pamela Fitzgerald, will aid you in finding your inner strength to dive fully into the woman you've always imagined you could be.
Emerge from this experience feeling:


 Step into the version of you that you have always dreamed you could be. Move forward from the circumstances of your past, and step into your future with confidence.


What is stopping you from stepping into your power? Leave that fear behind through hypnosis & fear release ceremonies, and set that inner goddess free 


Fostering connections with those women alongside us throughout this journey, while deepening the connection that we have within our mind, body & spirit. 

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"Thank you Clarissa, for being a guide to self-love and allowing me to be comfortable and accepting of who I am, and who I am capable of becoming. Thank you for helping me learn to cope with and face my emotions. I can now face life with a smile on my face" 
- Julia Z.

Ready to transform?

About Your Guides


Clarissa Smith

-Clinical Counselling Hypnotist 
-Heart Math Interventions Practitioner 
-Mental Health Coach
-Owner, Simcoe Hypnosis & Wellness Center

Pamela Fitzgerald

-Certified Personal Trainer 
-Yoga Instructor  
-Nutrition Coach
-Meditation Facilitator 


A safe space to explore the inner depths of your mind, and made drastic changes to how you think, feel, and manage your life. 

Life does not need to be stressful. tense, or feel as though you are riding a rollercoaster of emotions with no stop in sight. We have been immersed in a society & way of being that is unnatural for us to maintain and has led to dramatic increases in mental health concerns. 

We have a beautiful process within our bodies that allows us to sense danger and react quickly when needed; our Fight or Flight response. While this is very handy, most adults spend 70% or more of their day in this state, when we should be spending only 5%. This causes us to experience chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, addictions, illness, the list goes on... simply by not allowing our bodies to feel safe or comfortable in the moment. 

In this program, you will learn to settle down your nervous system and harness the power of your mind & body to step into a version of you that you always knew existed on the inside. Combining relaxation techniques, emotional cleansing ceremonies, energy movement and hypnotherapy, you will emerge from this program happy & ready to let that inner goddess play the leading role in your life. 

Whether you hope to manage your stress, eliminate anxiety or depression, find connections, or simply explore your inner world a little bit deeper, this program provides you with a safe space to do that, while fostering connections with like minded women and animals. 

We are so blessed to have you, and cannot wait to see how you grow through this journey together 


Transformational Journey Program Breakdown

Session 1
July 27th at 6:30pm

- Introductions of instructors & group

- What is hypnosis 

- Unconscious vs Subconscious 

- Brainwave States 

- Determine what you want to leave behind

- Determine who you want to become 

- Clearing the old, make way for the new hypnosis 

- Yoga Session & Movement 

Session 4
August 17th at 6:30pm

- Short hike

- Movement & Yoga

- Sharing Circle 

- Fostering Mind & Body Connection 

- Feeling emotions in the body & cleansing them

- Group hypnosis session 

- Building confidence in self control & emotional management 

- Mindful guided walk with animals

Session 2
August 3rd at 6:30pm

- Short hike 

- Movement & Yoga 

- Fostering Self-Love Activity

- Belief Systems, Self Identity, and The Ego discussion 

- Determining belief systems within ourselves

- Sharing Circle with the group 

- Affirmations & Meditation 

- Breathwork & Nervous System Regulation 

Session 5
August 24th at 6:30pm

- Hike out to the creek

- Sharing circle 

- Heart energy & EMF discussion 

- Hearts influence on mind & body coherence 

- Gaining control of our heart beat via movement exercise

- Heart focused hypnosis; learning to love from a place of love 

- Cacao ceremony 

- Stepping into our power ceremony

Session 3
August 10th at 6:30pm

- Short hike 

- Movement & Yoga 

- The 5 why's: Going deep within to find your why.

- Ho'oponopono Hypnosis for forgiveness & cord cutting

- Sharing Circle Discussion 

- Time with horses in nature 

Session 6
August 31st at 6:30pm

- Short Hike & Movement

- Creative activity to bring home with you

- Hypnosis session, becoming the powerful woman within. Solidifying the work done over the 6 weeks.

- Sharing Circle & Ceremony 

- Time with horses in nature 

- Closing ceremony 

This program runs across a 6 week timeframe, every Wednesday evening from July 27th - August 31st. This is fully outdoors and will encompass nature, animals, and utilizing our body, mind & spirit for deep healing.

This program includes: 

- 6 Weekly Sessions with a Certified Hypnotherapist & Yoga/Fitness Instructor

- Take Home Hypnosis Recordings 

- Spiral Book with information, knowledge & handouts 

- Connection with the community and the self 

- Time spent with animals in nature 

- Take home gifts or products from local vendors 

- Unconditional love & acceptance 

- and so much more... 

Program Pricing & Payment Plans



per person, tax included


Payment Plan

3 Equal Payments of $333

First payment due at registration

2nd payment due on September 1st 

3rd Payment due on September 14th 

*Automatic Billing*

Ready to transform?

Location & Details


Every Wednesday evening for 6 Weeks from September 14th - October 19th. 

Rain Day: October 26th 


Serenity Rising 

6414 Line 3 North, Midland, ON L4R 4K3

Interested in learning more about Hypnosis, and how this helps create huge transformation in a short period of time? 

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