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Habits & Addictions

Depending what they are, our habits either make us or break us. We are what we repeatedly do. 
- Sean Covey

We all possess habits that can leave us feeling trapped, powerless, and uncertain about how to escape their grasp. From minor quirks to more severe dependencies, these habits can exert a detrimental influence on our relationships, careers, and most importantly, our sense of self.

Hypnosis offers a transformative approach to breaking free from the shackles of addiction and unhealthy habits. By delving into the subconscious mind, hypnosis addresses the underlying beliefs and behaviors that drive these habits, empowering individuals to regain control and make positive changes in their lives.

Here is a list of common habits for which people often seek help and find success through hypnosis:

  • Excessive drinking & marijuana use

  • Bad spending habits 

  • Spending too much time on social media  

  • Playing video games too often

  • Gambling too much

  • Watching too much TV and/or movies

  • Biting & picking finger nails 

  • Not sleeping enough

  • Negative self-talk 

  • Not getting enough exercise

  • Masturbating & sex

  • Compulsive cleanliness 

  • Cracking knuckles 

  • Swearing 

  • And more!

Hypnosis can give you the tools, courage, and motivation to kick those habits to the curb, bring in healthy habits, and help you move forward into your new, habit free, authentic self. Call us for more information, or book your first, no charge, session below!

What People Say

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Will C, Midland

I’m a totally different person now then I was when I started with her a mere 6 months ago. She has really helped me understand myself and change my mindset and intrusive thoughts. I’m actually a happy person again. I struggled so badly with depression, grief and loss that I thought I’d never get better. I now feel such gratitude and happiness in my life.

Lindsey M, Orillia

This was my first experience using this type of service, she made me feel extremely comfortable. Clarissa helped me control my own mind and lower my stress levels. I have also lost 20 pounds using her techniques.
She opened my eyes and allowed me to see my full potential and gear me towards my dreams.

Maria M, Port Severn

It's been a month since finishing up my sessions with Clarissa and it's been absolutely incredible seeing the positive changes that have taken place! Clarissa is so gifted and has such a special way of making you feel seen and heard. I truly have never felt more understood.

First One's On Us! 

We want to make sure hypnosis works for you, before you spend a dime. Sign up for your first session today, completely free, to see if hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and reach that next step in your life.

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