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What Is Hypnosis? 

"Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better"

- Emile Coue

When I was studying hypnosis I was always being asked "What is Hypnosis?" In trying to find the perfect definition, I realized that there are so many definitions that explained what it is, but they each differed in their own way, depending on the hypnotist explaining it and their experiences. What was missing from each definition though, was one important thing; relatability. I thought to myself "How will people understand what hypnosis is, or want to benefit from it, without it being something they can relate to or understand?" When explaining hypnosis, I really wanted to get to the root of what it is with a simple and easy to understand description.


Now, when I'm asked “What is hypnosis?” I say: Hypnosis is Mind Maintenance.  

Image by NeONBRAND

Imagine your mind as a garden, but this garden is full of weeds and dead brush. Underneath all the weeds are bulbs waiting to flower, but they can’t get enough sun just yet. The weeds will represent negative beliefs and thoughts, and the flowers will represent you in your happiest and healthiest state.


Right now, the garden is overgrown with weeds making it hard for the flowers to bloom. One day, you decide that you don’t want the weeds anymore, you want to look at your garden and see flowers. You know that when the garden is maintained, the flowers will bloom, but to get there you need to get rid of the weeds.


You can hand pick them, but it’ll take forever and they will keep growing back, or you can get this special tool that takes care of them for good. Well, hypnosis is that tool! With each hypnosis session, your gardener self is pulling weeds, and replacing them with flowers.

Image by Tom Ezzatkhah

Hypnosis is a way to change thought patterns from negative to positive, allowing for big life changes in a small amount of time. 

Image by Jacalyn Beales

Pull the weeds,
let the flowers bloom

First One's On Us! 

We want to make sure hypnosis works for you before you spend a dime. Sign up for your first session today, completely free, to see if Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and reach that next step in your life.

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