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What is Hypnosis? 

"Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better."

- Emile Coue

While studying hypnosis, I often encountered the question, "What is hypnosis?" As I searched for the perfect definition, I found numerous explanations, each shaped by the hypnotist's perspective and experiences. However, what seemed lacking in these definitions was relatability. I realized that for people to truly understand and benefit from hypnosis, it needed to be something they could relate to and comprehend easily. Thus, I sought to provide a simple, easy-to-understand description that gets to the heart of what hypnosis is.

Now, when asked, "What is hypnosis?" I simply say: Hypnosis is Mind Maintenance.


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Imagine your mind as a garden overrun with weeds and dead brush. Beneath this tangled mess lie bulbs eager to bloom, yet they struggle to thrive amidst the darkness. In this analogy, the weeds symbolize negative beliefs and thoughts, while the flowers represent your happiest and healthiest self.

Currently, your garden is suffocated by weeds, hindering the flowers' ability to flourish. However, one day, you decide that you no longer want the weeds; you envision a garden bursting with blooms. Recognizing that proper maintenance is the key to unleashing this potential, you embark on a journey to rid your garden of weeds.

You have two options: manually removing the weeds, a tedious and temporary solution, or using a special tool that eradicates them for good. Hypnosis serves as that transformative tool! In each hypnosis session, your inner gardener diligently uproots the weeds, making room for the vibrant flowers to bloom.

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Hypnosis is a way to change thought patterns from negative to positive, allowing for big life changes in a small amount of time. 

First One's On Us! 

We're committed to ensuring hypnosis is the right fit for you before you invest. Sign up for your first session today, on us, and discover if hypnosis can empower you to achieve your goals and take that next step in your life journey.

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