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Why Hypnosis Works

“You use hypnosis, not as a cure, but as a means of establishing a favorable

climate in which to learn.”

—Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

What To Expect During A Hypnosis Session

Before we discuss why this process works, lets give you a good idea of what to expect during your session. I promise - I will not make you dance around the room and cluck like a chicken! Lets clear up some misconceptions about what Hypnosis is so you can feel safe and secure in your decision to start this journey. 

The 2 main questions I get from potential clients are

1. Will I lose control of myself?

2. Will I black out and not remember what happened?

The answer to both of these questions is NO! All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and you will only experience what your mind is comfortable with and ready to experience. You will not black out, and will be aware the entire process. Think of hypnosis as closing your eyes. Go ahead, try it! But instead of utter silence or racing thoughts, you've got someone to guide you into your unconscious mind, where the healing magic happens. 


Hypnosis Is A Journey To Meet Your Unconscious

Each of us have a conscious, and unconscious mind. Our conscious mind makes up 10% of our brain and is responsible for our basic day to day operating and short term memory. Answering the phone, sending a text message, deciding what to make for dinner, and recalling whether or not you switched the laundry are all possible thanks to our conscious mind. 

Our unconscious mind makes up the other 90% of our brain function and is the primary source of human behaviour. Included in this are our fight or flight instincts, habits and long term memories.  

With 90% of our brain being unconscious, but responsible for most of our behaviours, it can lead to us living life in  "Auto-Pilot". Where you're at the wheel, but 10 blocks have gone by and you don't remember how you got home. 

The goal in a hypnosis session is to create a safe space for your conscious, and unconscious mind to connect. Why? So your conscious, logical mind, can have a chat with your unconscious mind and correct any of those not so pleasant behaviours and habits it has become accustomed to, such as over eating, smoking, drinking, and constant stress. 

These are all examples of habits, that are able to be overcome through a few hypnosis sessions. 

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