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The Mongan Method

When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change

- Marie Mongan

HypnoBirthing is changing the way women, and the world, view the birthing experience. This program leaves women and their birthing companions feeling:


Birthing is not a medical event, it is a natural process! Become in-tune with this natural process, and your birthing body, to allow for a comfortable childbirth. 


Gain the knowledge to understand and trust your body's ability to birth easily, & make informed decisions on your birthing preferences. 


This is a time for joy, not fear! Move past any birthing and pregnancy fears, and get excited about welcoming this beautiful gift into your life. 

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"My dream is that every woman everywhere will know the joy of being able to call upon her natural birthing instinct and bring her baby into the world in calm and peace and comfort" 
- Marie Mongan

A natural approach to a safe, easier, and more comfortable birthing. 

Childbirth does not have to be how you see it in the movies. In today's society, woman are treated as though their pregnancy is a sickness rather than a beautiful natural process they were made to experience.  A woman's mind & body truly has everything it needs to have a comfortable and natural childbirth. 


In this program, you will learn to harness the power of your mind & body to achieve the childbirth experience of your dreams. Combining relaxation techniques, physiological education, and hypnotherapy for fear release, you will emerge from this program ready to take on the experience of childbirth with grace and full control. 


Whether you hope for a natural childbirth, to a medically assisted childbirth, this program gives you the tools to prepare your mind and body, and remain in calm and peaceful state no matter where the birthing journey leads you. 

HypnoBirthing Program Breakdown:

Class 1 
Foster Positivity

- History of women and birthing 

- How the uterus works in birthing 

- How fear affects labor 

- The origin of fear and pain in labor 

- The power of the mind 

- The laws of the mind and change

- Mind & Body connection 

- Breathing and relaxation 

- Building positive images of birth

Class 4
Summary of Childbirth

- Pre-labor tricksters 

- Onset of labor 

- Birth companions support role

- Thinning & Opening phase 

- Labor slowing or resting

- Misconceptions about labor

- Birthing companion is an advocate

- Hallmarks as labor advances 

- Breathing & Birth Rehearsal

Class 2
Fall in Love with Baby

- Bonding with baby

- Background of fetology

- Selecting care providers 

- Preparing the mind for birth

- Hypnosis Visualization 

- Releasing fear 

- Preparing the body 

- Building a partnership with care providers

Class 5
The Final Act

- Nearing completion

- Optimal position for baby 

- Positions during labor & birth

- Birthing phase 

- Birth's perfect design

- Breathing through labor 

- Breastfeeding 

- The magical first hour 

- The fourth trimester 

Class 3
Advanced Hypnosis

- Labor and birthing visualizations 

- Turning breech-presented babies 

- Looking at the Due Date 

- Avoiding artificial induction

- Preparing birth preferences 

- Body's birth preparation

- Initiating labor naturally 

- Your body's perfect design 

- Releasing fears & limiting thoughts

Program Includes:

- Your own copy of the HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method Text Book

- A 60 page handout book for at-home practicing 

- Downloadable relaxation recordings to use in advance of, and during birth

- Scrips for home practice

- Free hypnosis session for releasing fears and aiding in relaxation

- 3 Breathing methods 

- Nutrition & exercise guides 

- Birth prompts and guidance for birthing companion

- Hypnosis via Certified Hypnotist

Group, Online, and 1-on-1 Classes are available

Group Classes: $500 Per Couple 

1-on-1 Classes: $700 Per Couple 

Upcoming Classes


Every Tuesday from August 2nd to August 30th 

from 6:30pm - 9:00pm


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