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Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

The groundwork of all happiness is health
- Leigh Hunt

Food is something that can nourish us, provide us with energy, heal us, & it tastes amazing. Unfortunately, it can also harm our bodies when used as emotional support, over consumed, or not nutritious.

I was addicted to carbs, so when I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder I knew I needed to make some changes to my eating habits, and quickly.  Unfortunately, it just wasn't that easy! Like many people trying to eat healthy & lose weight, I had lots of knowledge on what I needed to do to take better care of my body, but for some reason I just couldn't put it into action. 


Part of having a thyroid disorder is the unfortunate ability to gain weight incredibly fast. Since I wasn't able to control my eating, my dress size went up 4 sizes in 3 months and I was unrecognizable. My health conditions flared up, I was ashamed to be seen, I knew I was hurting my body, and yet I was still struggling to eat the foods that were best for me.

This is when I found Hypnosis. 

Hypnosis gave me the mental tools and motivation needed to take action and start caring for my body the way it needed, leading me to lose 50lbs. This is what really made me believe in the power of hypnosis, so much so that I took up a career it!


I wanted to share my story because I understand the challenges associated with trying to lose weight. The yo-yo diets, the inner shame, the supplements with big promises, trying new exercises, new gyms, and new programs to see if anything will stick, watching the scale, measuring the inches, and so much more. When I began hypnosis, all of that went away, but so did the weight.

Hypnosis truly is a life changing tool. To help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable moving forward with hypnosis, I offer the first session for free. This way you can feel confident knowing this will help you, before spending any money on it. You can sign up for your first free session below! 

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We want to make sure hypnosis works for you, before you spend a dime. Sign up for your first session today, completely free, to see if Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and reach that next step in your life.

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