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In Person & Virtual Hypnosis

with Simcoe Hypnosis

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Meet Clarissa

Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Hello! My name is Clarissa Smith and I am the founder of Simcoe Hypnosis & Wellness Center, as well as a Clinical Hypnotist registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

I received my training with the Master Hypnotist Society at Hypnosis Training Canada, and I am part of an International network of leading hypnotists. I am very grateful to be trained with systems that have helped countless people achieve their goals, and live a healthier, more authentic life.

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What We Specialize In





Healthy Eating

& Weight Loss


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The Journey Towards Your Future Begins on the Path of Self Discovery.

Start Your Journey Today.


- Jill Brennan

Going into hypnosis with Clarissa I had no idea what to expect. Hypnosis was not something I was well versed in or ever thought I would try. Clarissa took the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions to make me feel comfortable. Once we got started her voice was the most calming thing that got me right into a complete state of zen. After this happened I was able to go deeper into my thoughts then I have ever been before (or that I ever thought I would be able to go) It allowed me to actually visualize as well as engaged my imagination. For anyone thinking of giving Hypnosis a try I strongly recommend checking out the lovely, passionate, caring Clarissa Smith! Did I mention I have been living my best life since competing my hypo sessions!! Do yourself a favour set up some sessions! 

- Jill B.

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